The Science Inside

The name QPoint combines the symbol for heat transfer (Q) and the point where the soothing heat is applied. QPoint contains an all-natural core. It heats up quickly in a microwave oven and releases heat slowly—providing soothing and relaxing heat for up to an hour every time you use it.


Firm pressure can help sooth knots and tightness in muscles. Lighter pressure is indicated for more irritated symptoms; greater pressure may be applied as tolerated.

QPoint enhances pressure therapy with heat. The addition of heat increases blood flow and relaxes the tissue. It aids nutrition and the removal of unwanted chemical buildup in the muscle. With pressure plus heat, muscles are soothed more quickly than with pressure alone. So you get faster workout recovery.

The QPoint Roller is ideal for smaller surface areas, relieving small and focal trigger points as found on the calf and forearm.

The Q2 Roller is designed for larger muscles and surface areas, such as the thigh, neck, lower back, and spine.

Go-anywhere convenience.

The QPoint and Q2 are lightweight (4.2 ounces and 8.4 ounces) and compact to fit easily inside a gym bag.