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Who’s Using Qpoint?

Professional athletes, physical therapists, and fitness enthusiasts are already enjoying the experience of QPoint, the latest development in workout recovery. Whether you need relief after a workout or just for everyday aches and pains, QPoint’s combination of pressure and heat takes muscle recovery to a new level.

QPoint heats up, feels great

When you leave the gym after a great workout, the last thing you need is an injury from improper or incomplete muscle recovery. Taking time to revitalize your muscles is vital for keeping you on the path toward your fitness goals, and adding heat can make your recovery routine even more effective. Try QPoint to reduce stiffness, pain, and muscle spasms.

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Use QPoint before and after workouts or any time you need to relieve stiff, sore, and aching muscles. See the suggested QPoint Techniques for additional exercises.

Get Hot!

Place your QPoint in microwave oven and heat on high setting. 50 seconds for your QPoint or 1 minute 10 seconds for your QPoint2. (Heating times vary depending on oven performance and what level of heat feels best to you.) As your QPoint heats up, you may notice steam released naturally through the mesh vents. When removed from microwave after heating for the correct time, QPoint or QPoint2 will feel warm to the touch and can be used immediately. Due to their unique design, both products will self-heat and increase in temperature for 5 minutes. Once heated, your QPoint will stay warm for up to an hour.

CAUTION: Use only in a microwave with a functioning rotating turntable.

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